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Figaro's Wireless Captions

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Technology for Public Assembly Venues.

Wireless Captions is an elegant, cost-effective and unobtrusive solution to the challenge of ADA compliance - the ideal solution to all your captioning needs.

Why You Should Install Figaro's Wireless Captions

  • Captions are provided to deaf and hard of hearing audience members who are now free to sit at any seat in the venue.
  • Up to eight languages can be transmitted on separate channels simultaneously for accommodating multi-lingual audiences.
  • Reliable wireless transmission of text, graphics, and video clips is supplied to Apple iTouch« hand-held devices.
  • Hand-held devices display clear and readable text and are very discrete.

Quick and Easy Installation

  • System can be installed in one day.
  • Wi-Fi transmitter network is scalable to any sized venue.
  • System is easily and quickly expanded as demand grows.
  • A one-year warranty is standard and an optional extended two-year warranty is available at a very reasonable price.

Wireless Captions will help you reach your audience

  • Custom messages sent to individual audience members.
  • Translations of content into any written language.
  • Pre-recorded lectures and video programs sent to all hand-held devices.
  • Advertising or sponsorship recognition.
  • Lanyard to keep it comfortably at hand
  • Real time information or statistics sent to your patrons.

Wireless Captions: How does the system work? Download the PDF to learn more.

Download sales sheet [pdf, 660k]

What's New
New European Patent Granted to Figaro Systems Inc.
28 Apr 2010 - New European Patent Granted to Figaro Systems Inc. - Wireless Electronic Libretto Display Apparatus and Methodů More»