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Download Figaro's Simultext® Wireless Captions App.


Figaro Systems offers a host of innovative devices developed through superior engineering, robust design, and in-depth experience.

Our professional team has installed over 20,000 individual text and content delivery systems in the world's great performance spaces, and can provide design solutions for any environment, large or small, indoor or outdoor, from grand opera houses to experimental theatres, historic restorations to modern renovations.

Powered by in-Ovation®, our patented software, and conceived to enhance the live performance experience, our Simultext® System delivers text information on seven channels simultaneously. Multi-lingual translation displays, program annotation, closed captioning and sponsorship acknowledgement are delivered with the simple touch of a button. Simultext® is completely modular, fully scalable and can accommodate any combination of devices for any size theatre.

in-Ovation® Software

Designed specifically for titling professionals with performance script management experience, in-Ovation®, our revolutionary software is entirely intuitive, refreshingly flexible and incorporates multi-lingual capabilities as simply as word-processing. Program interface is also available in Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

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Seatback Systems

Figaro's Simultext® SeatBack System is the most sophisticated, visionary seatback system available today. A discreet viewing monitor at each individual seat is activated with a single button and text appears in any written language in the world. Monitors feature a completely black background for optimal viewing and minimum distraction—absolutely no ambient glow.

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Figaro's Wireless Captions

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Technology for Public Assembly Venues. Wireless Captions is an elegant, cost-effective and unobtrusive solution to the challenge of ADA compliance - the ideal solution to all your captioning needs.

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Original method for presenting titles for live performances, which utilizes Figaro's in-Ovation™ software. Projected or video options are available within our flexible, scalable Simultext® System.

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Former General Manager of Teatro alla Scala,
Carlo Fontana , "I prefer the individual [seatback] screens to the surtitles near the stage. With these, if one doesn’t wish to read them, they can be turned off.”
Corriere della Sera, 8 December 2002, p10 “Display” promossi, ma qualcuno ne e’ infastidito
Umberto Eco Italian Philosophy, "It [Figaro's seatback displays] is a tool that could be implemented in all theaters; it causes no distraction. I find it quite beneficial.”
Corriere della Sera, 8 December 2002, p10 “Display” promossi, ma qualcuno ne e’ infastidito