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Artistic Directors:

Eliminate Intrusive Supertitles
and Put the Audience’s Attention
Back on the Performance

Until now, projected supertitles have been a
necessary evil. Today you can replace them with
a titling system that patrons love to use.

As the artistic director, you’re responsible for the quality of every aspect of your opera house’s performances. In recent years, the effort to open opera to wider audiences has mandated that your performances be accompanied by intrusive supertitles.

But with the introduction of Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system, you can now open your performances to even wider audiences — without using projected supertitles. This allows your audience to put their attention back where it belongs: on the stage.

Here are 3 ways Figaro helps enhance the quality of your performances:

  1. Eliminates projected supertitles. Supertitles are restricting; they require your visitors to all watch the same titles, in the same location, in the same language. With Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system, supertitles are replaced with individual displays in front of each audience member. This means no more intrusive supertitles for your audience and no more "blind spots" where titles can’t be read in your theatre.
  2. Gives your titlist greater control over their libretto. Figaro’s software (unlike PowerPoint®) allows your titlist to preview each phrase before it is presented, providing greater control over the delivery of the libretto.
  3. Lets patrons decide how — and whether — to view titles. Figaro gives your patrons personal control over the titling system. Each patron can decide whether they want to see the titles and, if so, choose the language of their choice.

Free Resources

The following FREE materials are available to assist with your due diligence and decision-making process.

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Technical Overview: Technical specifications and general installation requirements for our system (suitable for general directors, technical directors, theatre consultants, and architects)
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“Figaro's titling system has elevated our new home, the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, to a state-of-the-art theatre. Our audiences are now wonderfully spoiled and their opera-going experience is world class thanks to this feature. It's hard to imagine any new or renovated theatre without Figaro.”
James Robinson, Artistic Director of Opera Colorado
Maestro Ricardo Muti, "They [Figaro's seatback displays] aren’t subtitles or surtitles. Instead, the display is a modern version of the libretto. Much in the way an opera afficionado follows the opera score with a small flashlight. In addition, they are a democratic means: you can decide to keep them on or turn them off.”
Il Giornale 8 December 2002, p23 Il maestro: “Prima della cultura ci sono I drammi della vita”