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Theatre Consultants:

Finally, a Titling System Worthy of
World-class Opera Houses

7 reasons why the world’s leading
opera houses are turning to Figaro’s Simultext®
seatback system ... and loving the results

Our clients include some of the world's more famous opera houses. When we ask them why they selected Figaro's Simultext® seatback system, here's what they tell us:

  1. A customized solution. Our system is designed specifically for opera houses, not a recycled solution from another industry.
  2. An enhanced experience for your patrons. Figaro gives opera patrons simple-to-use personal control over the titling system. Each patron decides if they want to see the titles, and then they select the language of their choice. No more audience complaints about intrusive projected supertitles cluttering the proscenium.
  3. Installed on-schedule. You have enough on your hands without interrupting your clients' performance schedule for an installation. We help you plan the installation for maximum convenience.
  4. Reliable technology. Having reliable technology is crucial during live performances. Our systems have been employed at leading opera houses around the world, and these experiences allow us to guarantee the reliability of our system.
  5. Ease-of-use. Our system is intuitive. Both the opera staff and their patrons will find our system simple to learn and easy to use. Patrons will need no training to use this personal titling system.
  6. Helpful support and training. You will not be alone after the system is installed. We provide support and training for your clients' staff through every phase of the installation, including on-site support during the initial performances after installation.
  7. Designed and built by opera professionals. The entire Figaro seatback titling system, including the in-Ovation™® software and Figaro hardware, was created by architects, technical directors, titlists, electrical engineers, and additional staff with experience in successful opera houses on several continents. This is not just a projector and some shrink-wrapped business software that has been forced to do something it was not intended for.
“Figaro's titling system has elevated our new home, the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, to a state-of-the-art theatre. Our audiences are now wonderfully spoiled and their opera-going experience is world class thanks to this feature. It's hard to imagine any new or renovated theatre without Figaro.”
James Robinson, Artistic Director of Opera Colorado