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Development Directors:

A Capital Campaign That Will
Capture Your Donors’ Passion for
Expanding the Reach of Opera

4 reasons why Figaro is
a donor’s dream come true

You are the matchmaker of the opera world: You match up donors with the opportunities that interest them most. Your job is to learn what they want, how they want it, and where they’d like to direct their donations.

Donors open their checkbook more easily when they sense a project that will have wide appeal to everyone who attends opera. They want to see opera succeed as much as possible, and any project that furthers this goal will increase the impact their money has in the world of opera.

Here are 4 reasons why your donors will love Figaro:

  1. Facilitates sponsored advertisements. With Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system, you have more opportunities to recognize your sponsors by displaying their names before each performance and during intermission.
  2. Restores the integrity of artistic performances. Let’s face it: Nobody who truly appreciates opera likes those intrusive supertitles. With Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system, titles are put in their place — where each patron can see them if they want and when they want. The resulting performances are more authentic and enjoyable.
  3. Opens opera to wider audiences. Supertitles are restricting; they require your visitors to all watch the same titles, in the same location, in the same language. Figaro’s individually controlled Simultext® seatback system, in contrast, provides your patrons with real flexibility. Patrons view the libretto in their preferred language, and seasoned opera-goers can turn off their titling altogether. The result? Patrons can more fully enjoy their performances.
  4. Increases your theatre’s ROI. In addition to broadening your audience base and increasing the rate of return visits, Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system also facilitates sponsored advertising. This provides additional streams of new revenue, to benefit your opera company.

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“...the Ellie’s Figaro seatback translating screens were effectively employed here [Colorado Ballet], providing plot points and useful character introductions. Push the little red button and you’ll be up on the action.”
Marc Shelgold, music and dance writer, Rocky Mountain News, September 2005