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General Directors:

A Titling System That Actually
Improves Your Bottom Line?

3 ways Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system
can improve your revenues — while eliminating
complaints about intrusive projected supertitles

As the general director, you have ultimate responsibility for your theatre. You know you have been successful when you can provide the best possible opera experience for your patrons.

Figaro’s individually controlled seatback titling system enhances every visitor’s experience — and also provides a significant return on your investment.

Here are 3 ways Figaro will help you improve your opera house’s bottom line:

  1. Broadens your audience base. Supertitles are restricting; they require your visitors to all watch the same titles, in the same location, in the same language. Figaro’s individually controlled seatback titling system, in contrast, provides your patrons with real flexibility. Patrons view the titles in their preferred language, and seasoned opera-goers can turn off their titling altogether. The result? Patrons can more fully enjoy their performances.
  2. Generates more return visits. When projected supertitles are replaced with Figaro’s seatback titling system, your patrons can customize their experience to their viewing preferences. There are also no complaints about obstructed views of projected titles from as many as 10% of your theatres seats. More enjoyable performances means more return visits to your theatre and positive word-of-mouth marketing about your performances. It creates a win-win situation for you and your patrons.
  3. Facilitates sponsored advertisements. With Figaro’s Simultext® seatback system, you have more opportunities to recognize your sponsors by displaying their names before each performance and during intermission.

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“The Wiener Staatsoper is proud to have been the first European opera house to install Figaro's Simultext® system, which we have operated without any problem since September 2001. It has greatly enhanced our public's enjoyment of our performances.”
Ioan Holender, Director of the Wiener Staatsoper, Austria
“Figaro's Simultext® system has had an enormous impact at the Santa Fe Opera. First time opera-goers, especially, have told us how much it helped make their experience a rewarding one.”
Richard Gaddes, General Director of the Santa Fe Opera