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Technical Directors:

How to Keep the Spotlight
on the Performance ...
and Off Your Technical Team

3 ways Figaro's Simultext® seatback system
keeps things running smoothly — and
keeps the audience's attention on the performance

As the technical director, one of your primary responsibilities is to stay invisible — to keep things running so smoothly that patrons believe the actual production was flawless.

The technical system you choose to use can have a major impact on how easy it is to do your job.

Here are 3 ways Figaro makes it easier for your team to do its job:

  1. Rock-solid reliability. Having reliable technology is crucial during live performances. We have spent more than 10 years refining our hardware and software, and today our systems are used in leading opera houses around the world. This experience allow us to guarantee the reliability of our system.
  2. Ease-of-use. Our system is intuitive. Both your staff and your patrons will find our system simple to learn and easy to use. Patrons will need no training to begin their experience of a personal titling system.
  3. Helpful support and training. You will not be alone after the system is installed. We provide support and training for your staff through every phase of the installation, including on-site support during your opening performances.

Free Resources

The following FREE materials are available to assist with your due diligence and decision-making process.

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Free Educational Report: "5 Things You Need to Consider Before Selecting or Upgrading Your Titling System"
Technical Overview: Technical specifications and general installation requirements for our system (suitable for general directors, technical directors, theatre consultants, and architects)
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Former General Manager of Teatro alla Scala,
Carlo Fontana , "I prefer the individual [seatback] screens to the surtitles near the stage. With these, if one doesn’t wish to read them, they can be turned off.”
Corriere della Sera, 8 December 2002, p10 “Display” promossi, ma qualcuno ne e’ infastidito
“Figaro's Simultext® system has had an enormous impact at the Santa Fe Opera. First time opera-goers, especially, have told us how much it helped make their experience a rewarding one.”
Richard Gaddes, General Director of the Santa Fe Opera