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A Titling System Designed Specifically
for Opera, That Overcomes All the
Shortcomings of PowerPoint®

4 ways Figaro’s Simultext® seat-back system
blows PowerPoint® out of the water and
puts you back in control of your libretto

As titlist, your first responsibility is to make sure the right words are in front of the audience at the right moment. You need to know what’s coming so you can time the cues perfectly.

As a musician, you understand the score well. Now you just need titling software that puts you in control ... software like Figaro's in-Ovation™, that’s designed for opera houses, not PowerPoint® that was designed for business presentations.

Here are 4 ways Figaro gives you greater control over your libretto than you've ever had with PowerPoint®:

  1. Provides preview screens. You can make transitions with more confidence when you know what is coming. Figaro’s in-Ovation™ software provides preview screens, as a standard feature, so you’ll never guess at what’s coming next.
  2. Supports multiple languages. Figaro’s system includes multiple language support at both ends: In addition to allowing your patrons to choose what language they wish to view their titles in, it also allows you to view the libretto in your own native language during the live performance.
  3. Easily combine languages. Multiple translators in different locations can create libretti in up to eight different languages. The in-Ovation™ software allows these versions to be seamlessly combined and revised by the titlist into one robust libretto. Nothing else anywhere has ever matched this ability.
  4. Easy to use. Our system is intuitive. Both you and your patrons will find our system simple to learn and easy to use.

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PowerPoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Maestro Ricardo Muti, "They [Figaro's seatback displays] aren’t subtitles or surtitles. Instead, the display is a modern version of the libretto. Much in the way an opera afficionado follows the opera score with a small flashlight. In addition, they are a democratic means: you can decide to keep them on or turn them off.”
Il Giornale 8 December 2002, p23 Il maestro: “Prima della cultura ci sono I drammi della vita”